8 Social Media Mistakes for Realtors to Avoid

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Using social media properly can definitely help boost your business. However, as a Realtor you may not know where to begin or how to use it effectively. Social media is about being present (having a complete, updated profile), being consistent (posting on a schedule on a consistent basis) and engaging with your audience (asking questions and responding to comments and reviews). Here we explain some common social media mistakes Realtors should avoid making:

  1. No presence. If you are going to use any social media at all, you have to start at square one – creating a profile. Each network is free to create a profile, so why not go ahead and create one on each? (Note: if you are not planning on using it, don’t create it!) It’s important to provide concise and updated information on each, including a recent headshot and complete contact information. You should also include a short statement about yourself and what you do best. Make it easy for the reader to get to your website, listings, email and phone number – after all, that’s what you want them to do! In this digital world, if you want people to work with you and build trust, you have to be present. The first thing most people will do is search for you on social media and look for your reviews.
  2. Not asking for reviews. Speaking of reviews! If you are not asking your clients to post an honest review of your services, you are missing out! We live in a digital world, and people trust the opinions of others. If you have a happy client, ask them to review you on social media. It will boost your rating and create goodwill with potential new clients. As a bonus, when their friends and family see that they have posted, you have more potential for referral business.
  3. Confused/absent branding. As a Realtor YOU are the brand. Yes, you may work for Re/Max or Keller Williams or even your own brokerage, but branding is way beyond a logo or affiliation. Yes, your logos should be present on everything (and updated immediately if there is a change) and your brand colors, fonts, etc should be consistent. But social media gives you the opportunity to truly brand yourself and create your niche. Are you an expert in a particular area of the state? Are you highly skilled at short sales? Work a lot with military? Your content should reflect this. You should also use the same profile image and cover image on all social media sites, properly sized for each medium. This is where you should be consistent with the colors, fonts, and type of imagery you use. You want to paint the same picture in the consumer’s mind that they would get when meeting you in person at your office.
  4. Posting only listings, and with little information. If you are only posting your listings and open houses, you’re already missing out on engaging with an audience. It’s slightly better than posting nothing at all, but if you are just posting a link to a listing or open house, its not enough. No one wants to follow a page that only posts links for houses for sale once in a while. You are a salesperson – so sell it! Here are some ways you can make your listings stand out:
    1. Sell it! Tell the readers what is amazing about the house. Adding detail to these is the difference between someone scrolling by and someone clicking through the link.
    2. If you have a team or you’re a Rockstar with multiple listings, choose a day of the week to introduce your new listings, or consider featuring a “property of the week.”
    3. Use the best photo you have of the house, interior or exterior. Ask the readers a question about it to engage them. (Wouldn’t you love to sit by this pool? Can see you see yourself cooking meals in this kitchen?) Keep it appropriate and of course, don’t violate any ethics.
    4. Always include the area where the house is and the listing price. Those are the first 2 things everyone wants to know before clicking!
  5. Realtor-speak. Remember the average person is not familiar with industry terms. Instead use it as an opportunity to educate instead of confuse. If you have a “condo that must go FHA” – expand on that. Give one short line about what that means and why this is good for the potential buyer.
  6. Lack of consistency. The only way to be truly successful with your social media presence is to post engaging, relevant content on a consistent Posting once a month or only when you have an open house is not going to engage your audience. Focus on the content – what can you provide to your audience that will benefit them? Remember, posting and branding yourself has more to do with THEM than it does with you. While its great to toot your own horn every now and then for awards and accomplishments, it’s more important to gear your content towards what your audience will respond to. If the thought of posting consistent content to multiple media stresses you out, try using a program like Hootsuite.com or Buffer.com, where you can streamline everything and schedule content in advance. You’ll be able to plan out a month’s worth of content in 1-2 hours. Then spend a few minutes daily responding and engaging with your audience. You can, of course, share articles and other content in between as you see fit, but at least you know the core of the content is going out to your audience.
  7. Not curating your content. Speaking of what your audience will respond to, you should know that the audience you have will not all be potential buyers or sellers. They will all be at various stages in the home buying or selling process. Providing information on all phases of the process and being a resource of knowledge positions you as an expert, instead of a voice in the crowd trying to sell another listing. If you need some inspiration, here are some topics you can post about:
    1. Home buying tips
    2. Selling strategies
    3. Infographics
    4. Original blog posts
    5. Share other industry blog posts from NAR, your parent company, other trusted industry sources
    6. Fun things happening in your area
    7. General real estate advice/articles
    8. Home décor tips and trends
    9. Mortgage tips, trends and advice
    10. Holiday and seasonal posts
    11. Motivational quotes, leadership, business and life quotes, positive messages
    12. Things personal to you that you are willing to share – posts about accomplishments in and outside of the industry – like, “I just ran my first 5k!” or “Volunteered at this local charity this weekend,” or even just things you enjoy – like, “Spending time at my favorite local beach today,” or “having lunch at this local restaurant that I love!”
  8. Engage and be present. The quintessential social media term and metric is “engagement.” What does this mean? It means that just posting to social media is not enough. Don’t be a “post and pray” Realtor, a term made popular in this article by Bill Gassett, a top Realtor in MA. How you respond and interact with your audience is just as important as your content and consistency. You need to keep up with notifications, comments and message and respond to them in a timely manner. Take a few minutes at the beginning or end of each day to check your activity. Follow other people in your industry, and engage with and share their content as well. Interacting with your audience and connecting with others in your industry shows you are a valuable part of the community who supports their audience and peers.

Now if you just read those 8 things and are thinking, “Oh no, I do all of those things!” Don’t worry! All is not lost. Use this article as a guide of what to do to get started. Start small – open up those free accounts and add your info and descriptions. If you don’t have time or desire for a blog, repost other industry pro’s content. But start somewhere! Build a strategy and stick to it with consistency and watch your network grow.

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