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Welcome to South County Mortgage Corp.!

My name is Paul J. Byron Jr, President of South County Mortgage Corp. Mostly I am known as PJ Byron, as it got confusing working with my father with the same name and people calling in looking for one of us and often getting the other on the phone.

Many of you knew my Father, Paul J Byron Sr., who started our company in 1995. Shortly after, he brought me into the family business and I have been running South County Mortgage Corp. since 2009 when he retired. Sadly, he passed away on January 2, 2016; but our company and his legacy remain strong.

I have been in the mortgage industry for over 20 years. Over that period I have seen many changes in the industry- some good, some bad. Greedy Wall Street Investors who developed, bought & sold mortgage programs, such as 1% Option ARMs – as you surely have heard – put our industry in a state of peril.

Never in my 20 years in the business did we ever see it so hard for a consumer to get a mortgage loan. South County Mortgage Corp. did not participate in those programs, and that is one of the many reasons why we are still around today while many other companies went out of business years ago.

Now more than ever you need the professional services of South County Mortgage Corp. We are proud to be a family owned, client-focused company. We pride ourselves on top notch customer service, fast and efficient closings, and providing professional help and guidance throughout the process. We are committed to YOU! We invite you to experience the South County Mortgage Corp. difference – better than bank rates, better than bank service!

Paul “PJ” Byron 


Paul, or “PJ” as many refer to him as, is the President of South County Mortgage Corp. A second-generation owner of the family business, with over 21 years of experience. On top of being involved with the company while growing up, you can very well say that the family business is in his blood!  

When you visit South County Mortgage Corp., rest assured you are in good hands. With PJ’s expertise in purchases and refinances in both residential and commercial properties, all of your mortgage needs can and will be met when you visit his team. 

Although PJ grew up in Providence, he frequently visited family in South County during the summer and on weekends, which is when he fell in love with South County and decided to raise his family here.  

He met his wife while attending URI, they have been together since 1998 and married since 2011. PJ is family man with one daughter and a loving dog owner to his pup Missy. He adopted Missy from his father when he passed away. 

Being an avid animal lover, PJ has contributed to multiple charities for animal hospitals and local pounds. PJ enjoys all things sports, whether it is local or professional football, basketball, baseball, or hockey.  

He enjoys helping clients with the biggest transactions of their lives, and takes pride in providing a personal, tailored experience with the best possible rates. When you come to South County Mortgage Corp., PJ promises that you can expect to receive better than bank rates and better than bank service. 

Bobby D | South County Mortgage

Robert “Bobby D” D’Andrea

Loan Officer, NMLS# 309965

Robert, or as many know him, “Bobby D,” definitely knows a thing or two about mortgages! Being in the mortgage industry for over 20 years, he has pretty much seen it all – from the the ups and downs to the ins and outs.

Even with these changes in the industry, one thing Bobby D has always been able to constantly deliver is the best overall deal for his clients regardless of the market conditions. He specializes in designing mortgage solutions that exactly meet the unique needs of each client.

By drawing on decades of experience, thousands of mortgage scenarios and a broad network of innovative mortgage lenders, he can see what others can’t — a way to make the deal work!

Dayna Mancini-Simmons

Dayna Mancini-Simmons

Director of Marketing and Client Delight

Dayna has always had a passion for marketing and sales, graduating in 2004 from Providence College with a BS in Marketing. In fact, she started out as a Loan Officer in 2004, then moving into B2B sales, media sales, and eventually into a Director of Marketing role. For the last 5 years she has focused on business development, marketing strategy and increased sales as a Director of Marketing.

She has been married to her husband George since 2014 and they have one beautiful daughter and 2 dogs. She is also a makeup enthusiast, RISD educated graphic designer, and loves to travel and spend time with her family.

With over 10 years of business, marketing, sales, design, event planning, and customer relationship management experience, she is excited to take South County Mortgage to the next level!

Epiphany Smith

Administrative Assistant

Epiphany is the Administrative Assistant here at the South County Mortgage Corp. office. She has a strong passion for customer service and likes to provide people with a path for success. Born in Northern Virginia and raised in Rhode Island, she has grown up with a passion for people.

She graduated from Southern New Hampshire University with her bachelor’s in hospitality management and a minor in culinary arts in 2017. Though new to the mortgage industry, Epiphany seeks to provide an excellent environment and service to everyone she meets.


With over 20 years of experience, we ensure you get the best service you deserve.

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