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Why Work With South County Mortgage?

Here are just a few reasons why....

My name is Paul J. Byron Jr, President of South County Mortgage Corporation. I have been in the mortgage industry for over 20 years at this point. Over that period I have seen many changes in the industry some good some bad but I have never seen the industry this difficult. Greedy Wall Street Investors who Developed, Bought & Sold mortgage programs like 1% Option ARMs as you surely have heard of have put this industry in a state of peril that is likely to go on for years. Never in my 20 years in the business have I ever seen it so hard for a consumer to get a mortgage loan. Now more than ever you need the professional services of South County Mortgage.

Better than Bank Rates

It is not just a slogan, it's a fact. Our daily mortgage rates are usually .125% to .250% lower than any local or national banks. Unlike most Banks that post their rates weekly our rates change daily sometimes hourly giving you the best opportunity to hit the low spot of the rate cycle and obtain the best rate. Our loan officers monitor the market to the minute giving our customers a full time mortgage rate manager.

Better than Bank Service

It is not just a slogan, it's a fact. When you choose SCMC you are literally hiring a Professional Licensed mortgage manager to obtain a loan for you. We work exclusively for you, not the banks or the realtors. South County Mortgage is one of the most technologically advanced companies in the industry. Our website and processing systems are all designed with one goal in mind, to make it easy for a customer to complete a loan request as fast and pain free as possible.


Our loan officers have an average of over 20 years of experience each in the mortgage industry so you are assured you are working with someone who has the knowledge to complete your loan application with the best possible Rate & Terms in the fastest time frame often closing loans in less than 20days and with a record of 6 business days. Unlike most Bank employees who are salaried and have no incentive to get your loan closed our loan officers are paid 100% commission to ensure their vested interest in completing you your loan request in an honest and timely fashion to earn your referrals.

More Selection

Unlike Banks who often only offer their own limited product selection we offer mortgage programs from over 20 different lenders all specializing in one product or another. Having the experience to choose the right lender for our customer is crucial to being able to obtaining the best possible loan for our clients with the least amount of aggravation.

We have National Lending Strength with Local Lending Expertise!

Community Involvement

South County Mortgage has been involved with Rhode Island communities since our inception in 1995. We have been the proud sponsors of countless youth baseball and soccer leagues across the state and recently one of teams went undefeated and won their league championship.

We treated the team and their families to a day at the ball park afterwards at McCoy Stadium with a behind the scenes tour and a Pizza party afterward.

We Love What We Do

To be the best you have to enjoy your job. At South County Mortgage our employees with an average of over 20 years each in the business enjoy helping their clients and thus are some of the best in the industry and are proud to work with an organization like ours.

We Do Not Sell Your Information

Many banks and lenders like Lending Tree etc. sell your information to others looking for leads on potential clients that they either couldn’t help or customers that chose not to do business with them after seeing their higher rates or closing costs. South County Mortgage will NEVER sell your information to anyone!

Did You Know?

When working with a Local Bank or Credit Union, you are often NOT dealing with a Licensed Loan Officer. As Brokers, we go through countless hours of training and yearly continuing education, as well as background and credit checks. At a bank or credit union, the person handling your mortgage may have bad credit and/or a criminal background, yet they are still trusted with a consumers most personal information. When changes were made in our industry, banks unfortunately did not adopt the same standards as Brokers did – and it drove people with credit problems and criminal backgrounds to the banks to seek employment. Working with South County Mortgage means you are trusting your personal information to experienced, licensed loan officers with your goals as a top priority.

Community Involvement

Our Make RI Animal Shelters #1 Program where we donated $100.00 to each and every one of our customers hometown animal shelters was the first of its kind and made services available to stray and abandon animals that never would have been available without the funds we provided. We received daily phones calls from shelter managers thanking us for helping to provide services to these animals such as medication,operations and extended boarding that helped place these animals in great homes. One particular call came from the North Kingstown Shelter where a stray dog named Ko Ko had been hit by a car and needed his rear leg amputated or he was likely to be euthanatized . These funds donated to the shelter paid the veterinarians bill for the operation and Ko Ko is now in a happy adopted home. Another call came from John Holmes the Manager of the Pawtucket Shelter. He had discovered a home on Stephanie Drive in Pawtucket with over 40 abandon cats in it. The cats were in terrible condition and were in need of immediate medical assistance which the shelter did not have the funds to provide and all were certain to be euthanatized . We stepped in and donated $4000.00 dollars for the care and boarding of these animals until all were adopted. We received a Resolution from The Pawtucket Town Council.


With over 20 years of experience, we ensure you get the best service you deserve.

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