Spring Into Action With These Easy Home Maintenance Tips

Home News Spring Into Action With These Easy Home Maintenance Tips

The snow has melted, the sun is shining, buds are starting to form and the days are getting longer. Spring is in the air and with it comes the reminder of Spring cleaning! After the cold and harshness of winter, it’s time to refresh your home inside and out to get ready for the warmth and beauty that spring has to offer.

You can maintain a healthy home by doing these few maintenance items:

Start from the inside out. This year, go beyond the usual dusting, vacuuming, and disinfecting. You should definitely still do those things, but while you’re at it, don’t be afraid to move around furniture to refresh your look. It’s a simple and effective way to change up your décor. You could even bring some color into the mix by adding some new paint to the walls, adding an accent wall, or springing for some new wallpaper in a certain area.

Health and safety essentials. Test all of your smoke and carbon monoxide alarm batteries and replace them where necessary. If you feel there’s an area that is lacking a smoke detector, add one. Clean out your dryer vents. Replace all your filters including water, range hood, vents or air conditioning system.  Consider having a pro come out to perform routine maintenance on your HVAC systems.

Organize and declutter. Spring is about renewing and refreshing, so it’s the perfect time to organize and declutter.  Clean out the fridge and pantry, throwing out any expired items. Rearrange how and where things are store to maximize space and save time when you are looking for things – it will make cooking at home much easier and more fun. Whether its décor, furniture, kids toys, etc. – declutter anything that you have accumulated over the winter that you don’t need, and consider donating items or repurposing them into something else. In your bedroom, store away your dark bedding and clothing and bring out those light and airy spring colors! Organize and rearrange your wardrobe and closet. Donate anything you didn’t wear or don’t foresee wearing.

Taking it outside. Your front door welcomes everyone to your home, so show it some love. If the front door is less than welcoming, consider polishing the fixtures on the door, repainting or staining it to make it stand out, or replacing it with something new. You can also get a new welcome mat and add some spring blooms (real or fake) for a pop of color. Sweep and clear any cobwebs, tighten any loose railings, and repaint dull posts and supports. Coordinate the colors with your siding, trim, porch, stone, etc. for a cohesive look. Check the doorbell and replace batteries if needed.

Spruce up the walkway. Snow, ice melt and salt can wreak havoc on your walkway, leaving it looking less than stellar. Inspect and patch any cracks, replace broken bricks or pavers, and power wash to remove stains. While you’re out there, clean your outdoor lighting fixtures and replace your bulbs with energy saving bulbs.

Clean the gutters, inspect roof and chimney.  Before “April showers” come along, inspect and clean your downspouts and gutters. Clear any leaves and debris and flush out with water. Pay special attention to the elbows – where the downspout connects to the gutter – which is a key area for clogs. Be sure to wear gloves and get a sturdy ladder if you are doing this yourself – if you’re not comfortable with that, call a pro that specializes in these types of things. While you or your pro is up on the ladder, inspect the roof shingles and chimney for any damage from the winter. It’s a great time to have the flue cleaned and inspected by a chimney sweep. The last thing any homeowner wants is a leak or mold damage! You should also check your drainage – Spring rains can cause flooding so be sure that you have proper drainage to avoid flooding – especially near the foundation.

Prep your yard. Perform a “spring cleanup” in your yard, or hire someone to do so, to remove any leaves, branches and other debris left behind from the winter. Prune dead branches, trim overgrown shrubs and trees and be sure to cut back any branches that might hang near the roof. Check the outside faucets for any freeze damage that might need to be repaired, and check hoses for damage or dry rot. Check your power equipment, like your lawnmower and lawn trimmer, to see if they need an oil change, blades sharpened or any other maintenance.

Plan your planting. Plan out where you want to plant and prepare your soil for the upcoming planting season. Use impacted soil in low areas of the yard (which can become breeding grounds for bugs) or near the foundation. Aerate your lawn with a soil conditioner (or call a pro). Repair or replace any broken or damaged planters or trellises. Early spring is time to start planting your garden whether it is plants, herbs or vegetables. You can start by growing the seeds in small plastic containers, either inside with proper lighting or in a greenhouse. But don’t transfer them until it’s properly warm outside.

Get ready to relax outdoors. It’s almost time to be able to relax on your patio, so take those chairs, cushions, tables and furniture out of storage and get them cleaned and prepped. A good power washing usually works for most furniture, but there are also some great tips to a good clean on specific types of furniture and cushions. If you have a wood burning firepit, stock up and store any wood away from the foundation. If you have a propane firepit or grill, check the containers for damage and stock up on a full tank. While you’re at it, clean your grill and inspect it for any damage.

As we come out of the cold of winter and into the warmth of spring, take some time to prep your home inside and out. A little spring cleaning, organizing and decluttering will help you keep your home healthy and safe in the new Spring season.


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