Wonderful Ways To Sell Your Home This Winter

Home Mortgage Info Wonderful Ways To Sell Your Home This Winter

Winter is known as the season of giving while spring is known as the season for selling. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t list your home for sale in the colder weather. In the winter, there are less homes on the market, but that doesn’t mean that buyers aren’t still out there. Although it might be difficult to work home showings into the busy holiday schedule, it’s not impossible. In fact, selling your home in the winter may mean more profit in your pocket as a seller.

Here are some compelling reasons to sell your home in the winter:

  1. The internet doesn’t have a season. Many buyers today are searching online for the perfect home, and especially so when the weather is colder. Instead of visiting open houses, buyers will opt to do the searching online instead. Even in a less crowded market, you want to make your listing stand out as much as possible. Using high quality photos, even photos from the Spring and Summer, can help make your listing stand out. Including outdoor photos from multiple seasons can show potential buyers what to look forward to. A thorough listing will attract quality, motivated buyers.
  2. Less competition. If you’re familiar with the concept of supply and demand, you can see how having less competition during the winter season is great for sellers. Your listing will stand out from the crowd because there will be less of a crowd. But the lack of inventory alone will not sell for top dollar – aside from a thorough listing, it’s a good idea to still keep the inside and outside looking good. Keep the inside spotless during showings, pay attention to the curb appeal even in the snow, and keep it well-lit during the shorter, darker days of winter.
  3. Buyers mean business. In the busy selling seasons, the good weather will bring both qualified homebuyers and people who are just starting to think about moving and testing the waters to open houses. However, if you’re holding an open house or showing in the snow, ice or cold, the potential buyers that attend must mean business. There may be fewer potential buyers at open houses, but you’ll likely attract more serious buyers over window shoppers.
  4. Year-end advantages. As the year comes to a close, workers may be getting bonuses – or retiring and getting a payout – that would give them additional buying power. Winter home buyers will also reap the year-end tax breaks that come along with being a homeowner. Typically, homeowners can write off mortgage interest, private mortgage insurance and real estate taxes, but it’s always best to check with a tax professional first. All those tax advantages can be a motivating factor for winter buyers.
  5. Holiday breaks. During the winter, potential buyers may have more time off for winter vacations and breaks from school. This means they may have more time to be flexible about showings and open houses. It also gives them more time to do thorough research and hand-pick only the homes they are most interested in to venture out to see.
  6. House Strong. If you are selling in the winter, this is a great time to show that your home is winter ready. Check out our winter checklist to be sure your home is winter-ready before going on the market. As a bonus, homes with features like fireplaces, wood burning stoves, and hot tubs really stand out as selling features in the winter months.

If you are thinking about selling this winter, it could really pay off. Put together a thorough listing with great photos from all seasons, showcase the best features of the home, and keep it well-lit and sparkling clean for potential buyers. In a less crowded market, you could end up getting top dollar for your home.


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